Ripple effects

A positive or negative actions can cause a ripple effect and leave long-standing effect on others. Every action has a reaction. With this in mind- understand that your actions have a huge energy effect and can effect others in a positive or negative way. To assure your actions leave a positive effect, and change the world- it starts with each one of us. So try to be more compassionate and considerate towards others and think of how that may affect the other person. So you’re action or in-action will have a huge effect- it ripples like a stone thrown on water. So try to do the “little” things that although may apear small- have a HUGE effect and long standing effects in another. So be more kind, give a smile, send or respond to a text, reach out, give a word of kindness, give a smile, say thank you, give a hug, a helping hand or just a word of kindness- this will ripple out into loving energy out towards others and the impact will be huge! I assure you!

“It’s sad that in a world of billions, people can still feel isolated and alone. Sometimes all it takes to brighten up someone’s day is a smile or kind word, or the generous actions of a complete stranger. Small things, the tiny details, these are the things that matter in life — the little glint in the eye, curve of a lip, nod of a head, wave of a hand — such minuscule movements have huge ripple effects”

. -Shaun Hick ♥️🌺🦋🌟

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Break the cycle

You can’t expect different results if you have the same thinking pattern and do things over and over again…break free from who you are- break free from those limitations you’ve unknowingly programmed yourself (to think, to be, to experience, to know)…get out of your head 🧠 and get into your heart ♥️ to make miracles happen…it’s the ONLY way!

Love and light,


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Living heart centered

Hello my friends!

Living heart ♥️ centered and in the moment requires your re-connection with your soul and divine source…so I try to start every morning 🌞 with a meditation 🧘‍♀️ doing this in nature provides an even deeper connection. Even though it was a chilly crisp morning- the experience was blissful and paved the way for a love-filled day!! ♥️ You realize how blessed you truly are and how truly beautiful it is to be alive living on this planet 🌍 and realize there are miracles all around us- we’ve just forgotten to see 👀 them

Love and light!!


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True definition of Thanksgiving

There are so many definitions and meaning to this day. Thanksgiving in is earliest genesis was the moment when the natives helped the pilgrims- a group of people- different in all ways, and although many would see that as a threat, these humble and generous group of Native American Indians helped them survive their first winter in a strange land, taught them how to live, how to grow crops and harvest them…culminating with a celebration of two groups coming together as one- giving thanks for this new friendship and aid that was done with love ❤️ Let this story echo in our present, and let us not see the differences, but come together as one ☝️ people, one nation, one world 🌎 and pave the way for love and gratitude as it’s harvest 🙏🏼 ❤️ #truemeaningofthanksgiving #weareone

Vegan to Keto Fat Loss Journey

My Keto Life

Writer’s Note: This website is not designed to, and should not be construed to, provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion or treatment to you or any other individual, and is not intended as a substitute for medical or professional care and treatment. Always consult a health professional before changing your diet.

So I have had quite a journey these past few months. I am very much into fitness and nutrition. I almost became a nutritionist, but decided on Speech/Language Pathology- but took a ton of nutrition coursework and loved the science about our physiology, hormones and how macros interact with our body.

I want to add a little history of my own personal experience to get a reference of where I came from.

I did a version of the keto diet (low carb) in the past with a lot of success (for 12 years) and 3 pregnancies….and went vegan for digestion issues (not due to the keto diet, but due to my dependency of years of laxative use that my intestinal track could not work on its own- sorry for all this gross info).

In an effort to address systemic inflammation from a chronic IBS condition, my doctor suggested a vegan plant-based diet, which I have loved don’t get me wrong. At first I felt better, but after some time- all my previous issues/symptoms returned.

I began losing a lot of hair, my nails got brittle, my skin was aging so much (this is due to glycolysis- glycogen end products, which is due to a high sugar/carb diet and lower fats), my weight fluctuated, I had to reduce calories to see results (for cutting in the gym) and exercise more!, I had mood fluctuations, ups/downs, and energy swings and I lost muscle mass, and would even get depressed (due to low fat diet), I would gain weight, and had to calorie restrict to see very minimal changes! 😞 So I did not like how I was feeling or looking and had to do something about it!

You can also view my YouTube video where I explain my journey- click HERE

People always tell me- “but Mariela, you’ve always been thin!” And I want to clarify that I had moments in my life when I was not (aside from 3 pregnancies), I came from a dieting background and unfortunately, I had moments that despite my efforts- I became heavier!

The “first” picture is an embarrassing picture! But have to put it out there, and share in case others may experience the same.
This is my personal experience-  The “before” picture is when I discovered I had a leaky gut, and can’t tolerate gluten, high sugar foods, raw foods, etc. The bloating and constant inflammation was torturous, not to mention, I was not happy with my appearance and could last for months! I used the ItWorks “Cleanse” which helped me detox, and get my digestion back on track. Not to mention to lose a few inches and reduced inflammation!
The “middle” one is after a few days of the cleanse….getting back into the bad cycle of calorie restriction and extreme exercising.
The “last” one is after a few weeks of the Ketogenic diet, removing all sugars/carbohydrates from my diet, including nourishing fats and muscle building proteins and necessary supplementation…I exercised less and lo and behold…magic happened!! 🌟

It hasn’t always been easy for me, I have tried so many things! giving them 100% but something would always fall short. My goal was to FEEL good and regain my health, not just look healthy! Because health starts from within 💗 .

So, I went back to the Keto diet to experiment on myself. I got the proper supplements, got the ratios correct and got ready to embark on this journey and behold– my body transformed!!! 😊 I have lost fat (not just random weight), the stubborn fat around my hips, legs, abs and even arms- and it’s crazy how I am still preserving muscle and becoming leaner.

Your satiated, I’m in control and sometimes not even hungry! The foods are delicious and are easy to stick to and tons of yummy recipes (keto cheesecake, etc!).

I recommend you watch the “Magic Pill” on Netflix. This diet has been used to treat/cure seizures, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, many neurological disorders, cancers, autism, and ADHD! This is what struck me the most and have now put my family on it to help my daughter Sienna who has ADHD (my hubby Adam is already on board).

This website provides over 70+ research articles on the Ketogenic diets effectiveness on areas such as- neurology, sports medicine, nutrition, mood, sleep, health and diet:

Here is a recent study review that talks about the benefits of keto Neurology:

Halle Berry has been using it for years to treat her diabetes and Alícia Vikander, who plays the role of the new Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider movie. Here is a link of famous people on Keto:

Dr. Ede is a psychiatrist also on board with Keto- her articles and resources are very useful and research-based. (this one is why vegan diets fail and are deficient)

This is Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt has a great website on Keto for Beginners- check it out- it’s very useful!:

This is Dr. Lara- who has written “The Pharmacy in your KItchen” and treats patients from ADHD, autism, etc, by putting them on ketogenic diets to treat their neurological disorders:

This article is written by another pediatrician who also treats neurological diorders with keto diet- she also talks about Dr. Lara’s work and research:

This guy is awesome! – Jason Wittrock, who is a trainer and bodybuilder- helps his client build muscle and lose fat. He has a ton of videos that are really helpful!

This guy Keto Savage is a bodybuilder/athlete who also provudes great information:

This gal is Ruth May, who is a regstered nurse and getting her Masters in Nutrition, has great videos and what to eat and to keep your macros correct on Keto:

Maria Emmerich is a nutritionist who helps her clients with regaining their health. She has wonderful research based books: (recipes)

This is a comprehensive guide to keto vegan plan (if you want to include any vegan options):

So anyway…when I started, a friend of mine introduced me to ItWords Keto products. I had heard of this family own/debt-free business. So I tried the Keto products- and lo and behold- magic happened! My body changed dramatically! I was hooked and so excited to find products that actually worked and gave me results! and more importantly, that are made from natural, clean, non-GMO, gluten-free, stimulants free that have the power to change your life and health! So I did what made sense- I signed up to become a Distributor! and have built an amazing/successful team under me- with amazing ladies and a few men- which is profitable and I couldn’t believe I get paid for this! <3 and every month my income increases!

I felt hesitant about switching my diet at first, once I started on the Keto plan, I noticed many unexpected positive health changes.

The first few days, I didn’t feel good. I went through the dreaded “Keto Flu”..,you feel lethargic, foggy, fatigued and weak, this was due to your own body/metabolism switching over from burning carbs/sugars to burning fat as fuel.. my body was adapting to using ketones rather than glucose for energy!

I ended up transitioning away from Veganism…I had to restore my body/mind and had to heal my body with whole-foods. So what do I eat? I get asked all the time.

So in a gist- this is what I eat…I make my meals simple! I make a bullet-free coffee for breakfast- with coffee and KetoCream. I don’t get hungry till around 1:00, so I have a meal or protein/fat- like a deli wrap with some bacon, protein bread or tuna with a little mayo and salad, or avocado stuffed with tuna, I also make a protein pancake which is pretty good…nuts, cheeses, olives, pork rinds are also great as snacks, you can add some veggie sticks and guac as well, or coffee with the KetoCream (I love this too, simple and fast)… For dinner I usually have a protein (salmon/chicken/steak/ribs/pork) with veggies sauteed in coconut oil and a salad with avocado and olive oil dressing..,then if I want something sweet I can make a fat bomb or keto brownie (usually only have a little bit because I am so satiated and happy with the yummy food selection).

I get asked what the Ketones and Keto Cream products do.

The “Ketones” product-  I drank this almost every day when I started Keto….now it’s when I need it or before working out. Even though I’m already in Ketosis…I use it, because it boosts my energy before the gym, helps with keto flu, burns fat, and I also drink them if I have a meal higher in carbohydrates or cheat meal, they save my behind and make sure I don’t fall out of Ketosis (burning fat as fuel). They also include magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassion- 4 supplements you will NEED on this diet. I love that it’s included, so you do not need to order all 4 supplements separately. “Ketones” has it all in one.

The “KetoCream”– includes grass-fed butter, MCT oils, collagen peptides, Himalayan salt. I use this every morning to make my “Bullet-proof coffee”- which is usually made by combining coconut oil, MCT oil, grass-fed butter and sea salt…with this product I don’t need to buy all these seperarly- since these are all added in the KetoCream- which is why I love it! and your coffee is not oily- I take it with me everywhere, since its a powder form and don’t need to take my jars of oil everywhere! LOL… I use these 2 products religiously and have helped me change my body mind and health! <3

Click here to go to my Keto website to learn How Keto Works and How to Start Keto!

Or to preview many more products from ItWorks including the amazing and effective 2-day “Cleanse”, Wraps, Greens, Vegan, and Whey proteins…you need stuff that actually works and gives you REAL results- we got it!!

These were the positive changes so far seen/felt:

  1. Lost fat
  2. Improved sleep quality
  3. Preserved muscle
  4. Digestion improved/IBS relief
  5. I felt full
  6. I felt satiated
  7. Less cravings
  8. Reduced hunger
  9. Mental clarity
  10. More energy
  11. Cognitive sharpness
  12. Reduction in swelling
  13. Skin appears plumper/leads wrinkles
  14. Hair/nails growing back stronger
  15. Feel happier on a constant high
  • I am so glad I made the change! I am definitely reaping the Keto benefits!!

You can always message me anytime if you have questions/doubts. I love helping people learn more about this lifestyle and getting healthy, strong and fit! I swear by it and I have helped so many people start in the past two weeks alone, including my sisters, so many friends/colleagues 🙂 and even my husband! I truly ❤  to help people restore their health and waistline!

Please let me know if you have any questions, we can chat anytime.

Mariela Stewart

Tel: (915) 472-5091

Failing is evident?! Es evidente fallar?!

If you’ve never failed…you’ve never tried anything new. I love this quote and underlying message. In this picture we see 6 failures! Yes- the 6 very successful failures, changed their failures around, beat the odds and rose like the Phoenix from the ashes to fulfill their own life destiny. So when I tell people “it’s ok to fail”, they look at me like I’ve gone mad…but it’s true. In the dark night of the soul, we encounter darkness, doubt and even question the pursuit of that dream, and sometimes that’s the breaking point of giving up or continue despite the challenges. In truth- our tears make us humble and cleanses our spirit. What comes after is a matter of choice- give up or continue? I choose the latter…why? Because anyone whose ever done anything great in history failed many many times, and thank God they continued. Would would have happen if the didn’t? Imagine a world without Einstein, Jordan, Oprah, Steve Jobs, Disney and the Beatles? Imagine the void of these different people in the area of basketball, science, music, technology, entertainment and imagination?

So fail, and fail again…rise above it, and fail again, keep trying, keep making mistakes, try new things, and fail, challenge yourself, until you turn your failures into realities. These failures, the journey will shape you and in the end will make you a better, stronger and more resilient human being, an example to others, that’s it’s ok to fail, the trick is to keep going, keep moving forward..without action we get farther away from our desires. If you don’t, you will never know the great void you will cause this world, if you decide not to try.

Love and light,


Spanish version

Si nunca has fallado, nunca has intentado nada nuevo. Me encanta esta cita y el mensaje a fondo. En esta foto vemos 6 fracasos! Si- 6 muy exitosos fracasos, cambiaron sus fracasos, batieron las probabilidades, y ascendieron como el fénix de las cenizas, para cumplir su propio destino. Por ello cuando digo a las personas “es bueno fallar”, me miran como si me hubiera vuelto loca, pero es la verdad. En la noche oscura del alma, encontraremos oscuridad, duda y cuestionaremos la búsqueda de nuestros sueños. Ese es el punto de ruptura, rendirse o continuar a pesar del reto. En verdad- son las lágrimas que renuevan el espirito y nos hacen humildes. Lo que viene después es una elección personal- darte por vencido o continuar? Yo escojo la última opción…Porque? Porque cualquier persona que hizo algo en la historia falló muchas muchas veces y gracias a Dios que decidieron continuar. Imaginemos un mundo sin Einstein, Jordan, Oprah, Steve Jobs, Disney y los Beatles? Imagínate el gran vacío de estas diferentes personas en el área de basketball, ciencia, música, tecnología, entretenimiento e imaginación? Así que falla, y vuelve a fallar, levántate de nuevo, sigue intentando, sigue haciendo errores, intenta nuevos cosas y nuevos retos, hasta que conviertas tus fracasos en realidad. Estos fracasos, el andar en el camino, te formará, y al final te hará en una mejor persona con más fortaleza y resistencia, un ejemplo a los demos, mostrando qué es bueno fallar, lo importante es continuar adelante, ya que sin acción, nos alejaremos más de nuestros deseos. Será difícil, pero si no lo haces, nunca sabrás el gran vacío que existirá en el mundo, si decides no intentarlo.

Amor y luz,



Hello my beauties!

Today I wanted to post this message and remind you that you are MAGICAL! You are so much more powerful than you realize and give yourself credit for. If you just ponder a moment on your life and assess all that you’ve been through, and no matter who you are, you have lived through one or many challenges, as no one goes through this life problem-free. Although most would agree we want less problems and challenges- but what I will stress is that those undesired challenges are what makes us learn, especially when we rise above them, we come out much stronger and we get to know ourselves a little better and we know what course to steer from and which course to follow. When we find ourselves in darkness, we feel we have no power, no magic, but all we need is a a little bit of light, a mere spark that can rekindle our soul and purpose. Especially in these times we need to know, feel and be Magic! You don’t need a magic wand to create it, all you truly need is to honor who you are and believe in your powers. No one is quite like you, never has been and never will be- you are unique and original and this is your source of magic! Don’t forget who you are in the process of life, honor it, celebrate it, believe it, and bring forth your creative force into existence – be Magical and you will make anything happen!

Love and light always,


Eres Mágico!

Hola mis bellezas,

Hoy quería enviar este mensaje para recordarte que eres mágico!! Eres mucho más fuerte de lo que piensas o crees. Si contemplas un momento en tu vida y en lo que has sobrepasado, y no importa quien seas, todos hemos tenido uno o varios retos o problemas, ya que nadie pasa por esta vida sin ellos. A pesar de que todos queremos menos problemas, es importante recalcar que son los retos y problemas no deseados, los que nos hace crecer, especialmente cuando ascendemos de ellos, salimos más fuertes y nos llegamos a conocer un poco más a fondo, y reconocemos de cuál camino debemos alejarnos y en cuál debemos andar.

Cuando nos encontramos en la oscuridad, no nos sentimos poderosos, ni mágicos, pero lo único que necesitamos es un poco de luz, una sola chispa que pueda reavivar nuestra alma y propósito. Especialmente en estos momentos debemos saber, sentir, creer, y ser magia! No necesitamos una varita mágica, para crearla, lo único que necesitamos es honrar quien somos por dentro, y creer en nuestros poderes. Nadie es exactamente como tú, nadie lo ha sido, ni lo será- tu eres único y original y esa es la fuente de tu magia! No olvides quien eres en el proceso de la vida, hónralo, celébralo, créelo y vívelo- brinda a la luz tu poder creativo y vívelo en tu existencia- se mágico y podrás hacer todo lo que deseas!

Amor y luz por siempre,


Listen to the night…as the night knows your truths

Hello my beauties! I loved this quote by Victoria Erickson- which speaks to my soul! These words ring true, since at night after we contemplate our day- the chaos of it- work, school, sports, family, friends..,whatever it is that occupies your day, we submerge into our thoughts and it is then when our soul wonders, and resurfaces our deepest desires, our dreams, goals, wishes and heartfelt dreams. During this time is when we ponder on our forgotten hopes, wishes and dreams, on all those things that make our hearts beat just a little faster.

So my advise to you is when you awake, you bring from the night all those dreams into light and make them part of your waking day- not in dreams- but in present reality! Live your passion, set your goals, wish fiercely, work harder and believe in the power of your dreams. Do not let them die, nor burry into the night..,live them each day-as only you knows what it feels to have that burning fire ignite your heart and mind.

So follow your heart, and know that there is no dream that cannot come true- if the dream never ends.

Love and light,


Paperback book is here!

Hi there my stars,
For those of you who waited patiently for the print version of "Starseed: The Initiation"- it is finally here! The wait is finally over! You can get the paperback version at Amazon.

What is the book about? Here's the book description:

Sienna Sinclair thinks she is just another typical teenage girl who is trying hard to fit in with the high school crowds, which she feels alienated by. But when she is contacted by Sabian— a handsome and mysterious member of an ancient secret society, she is led to an unexpected journey where she encounters vile hybrid creatures and mythical beings and is admitted to Astarte Mystery School where she learns to awaken her inner-powers that will prepare her to realize she has a secret and powerful destiny: She is a Starseed.

One of my dreams as a published author is to hold my very own creation- in my hands! That is now a reality! I feel so blessed, grateful and beyond happy- words cannot express my feelings!

I wanted to share this moment with you- my constant supporters and loyal readers. Hopefully you can support me and purchase your very own copy of "Starseed: The Initiation" in paperback. I know this journey will kindle your spirit and imagination! Once you go down the rabbit hole- you will never be the same again- I assure you!

I want to thank my husband Adam for his unconditional support and belief of all my crazy dreams, and my amazing children – the trinity- Seth, Sienna and Syler…who are the genesis and inspiration of this book series….and to my amazing family, dear friends and loyal readers- thank you for your constant LOVE and support.

Thank you for believing in me!!
Once again, to purchase your very own paperback book click here:Amazon

Love and light,

Be light in darkness

In these dark times we see how natural disasters are attacking our beautiful earth and it's beautiful people. People are loosing their homes, everything they have. The devastation witnessed in the victims faces and voices, breaks our hearts and souls.
We also see it in our political sphere, where words of hatred and destruction are poisoning our minds, hearts and energies. We are turning against each other, instead of coming together as one nation, one tribe, one world.
We must be light in this darkness. This is the time when we must rise against the racist and hateful rhetoric of our political leaders that are affecting us as a whole nation and world.
We are all one- and as such we must remember to be there for each other, step up, give a lending hand in any way that we must or are able to. Be it monetary, be it with positive and loving words, be it with assistance or support. There is no small help for someone who truly needs it! Be loving instead of hateful, be supporting, instead of critical, be a friend, instead of an enemy.
So in these times- let us be our very best version of ourselves- of our higher-self to be light in this darkness.
If you wish to help the Red Cross with any type of assistance in any of the catastrophes that have hit us recently- please visit here.

Love and light,