For those of you who don’t know, I am an actress. I have loved the craft since I was 5 and started training at age 7 doing theater, then moved on to more professional training at AIA Actor’s studio in Los Angeles, CA. There I had the opportunity to be trained by renowned teachers from different areas of acting- film, TV, commercials, casting directors. As a bilingual (English/Spanish) Latina actress I have had the opportunity to gain wonderful experience through numerous projects-  commercials, print modeling, TV, radio and independent films. Acting is and will continue to be one of my passion- to bring forth the creative power within.

If you want to contact me for booking you can e-mail me at: or contact my agency- at:

Johnson McKay Talent, Inc
222 Merchandise Mart, Ste 1225
Chicago, IL, 60654

Below you can heck out some of my work as an actor- video reels/pictures/resume you can visit:

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